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:: [DK/EU] Surf :: Koga73.dk | Tier 1-2 | FastDL ::

[ Surf Commands ]

Use this list whenever you need something:
!r Restart the surf round.
!b Teleports you to the map bonus.
!spec Opens up the spectate menu.
!rules Opens up the rules page in-game.
!news Read the latest CS:GO updates.
!group Join our steam group.
!admins Opens up the admin page in-game.
!hide Hide other players.
!goto (player) Teleports you to selected player.
!help help menu which displays all ckSurf commands.
!commands Opens up this page in-game.
!rank Check your surf rank on the server.
!ranks Shows all available ranks.
!top Check the Top players on the server.
!site Go to the front page of this site.
!tutorial Opens up a YouTube video showing how to surf.
!srun Opens up a YouTube video showing our best monthly server records.
!discord Links to our Discord channel in-game.

Server IP:

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