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Admin Manual

Follow these guidelines when in doubt

1-3 hours mute/ban:
Always give a warning before handing out this type of ban/mute.
[Mute] Chat/Mic spam (music, pls rtv, sounds, screaming).
[Mute & Gag] Bad Language.
[Mute] Repeat speaking other language than english/danish in Voicechat.
[Mute & Gag] Flaming on other players.
[Mute & Gag] Admin disrespect.

You may issue a ban, if the user repeats one of the above categories.

4-12 hours mute/ban:
[Mute or Ban] Bullying, Heavy Raging or Trolling.
[Mute & Gag] Asking for competitive teammates.
[Mute & Gag] Ghosting.

24 hours-permanent mute/ban:
[Ban] Cheating, hacking, use of scripts or other helping tools.
[Mute or Ban] Advertising.
[Mute or Ban] Threats, "Hitler stuff", other Racist things.

Admins may not use !admin fun commands, such as (slap, beacon, fire, bomb, drug etz.)
You yourself will have to measure how long the offender should be punished, the above are mostly just guidelines.

You can check out bans/mutes here: [ Sourcebans ]